The Mermaids Tail Waterslide
The Mermaids Tail Waterslide Mermaid Slide 1619024092 The Mermaids Tail Waterslide Mermaid Slide28 1619024092 The Mermaids Tail Waterslide mermaid22 1619024092 The Mermaids Tail Waterslide

The Mermaids Tail Waterslide


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Product Information:

The perfect Dual Land Waterslide for your little ones mermaid fantasies. The Mermaid Slide is the perfect slide for the younger ones that don't want a slide as intense as a racing slide, but still want the thrill of a waterslide.

standing at 17 feet tall it isn't as tall as its companion the mermaid wave

This Slide Includes

  • 2 Lane Waterslide
  • Climbing Ladder
  • Splash Pool


25 x 15 x 18

Professional delivery to Taylorsville UT and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

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