Lava Flow (Fire Slide The Sequel)
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Lava Flow (Fire Slide The Sequel)


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Product Information:

Who said sequels are not better than the originals?

Our Fire Slide has been so popular the CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of our company has been busily working with our design team to tak everything that customers love about the fire slide and make it even better.

Not only does the slide Tower to 18 feet compared to 15 feet of the original fire slide but at the bottom is a thrilling right hand turn into a splash pool

Did I mention it also has 2 lanes?

This Unit Features:

  • Climbing Slide
  • Step Slide with a curve ( 2 lanes )
  • Splash Pool


25' x 16' x 18'

Professional delivery to Taylorsville UT and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

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    7 400891 Lava Flow (Fire Slide The Sequel)

    8 288832 Lava Flow (Fire Slide The Sequel)9 272286 Lava Flow (Fire Slide The Sequel)
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    While this unit is not our biggest it is our most popular and those that drove on 1-15 last year past Kaysville are undoubtedly aware of the traffic slowdown as one of our customer had this in the backyard and it slowed down traffic while people gawked at this beautiful monstrous wonder of inflatable awesomeness.

    Make no mistake this is a unit for adults as much as it is for children. This unit is for the whole family. Reservations on this unit go out sometimes months in advance. 

    The Thrills & Squeals of joy will last long into your memories as you ride on the owners favorite custom built waterslide only available from Bouncing Around Utah

    Unit Dimensions:

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