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Product Information:

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  • Frozen Castle & Pool ComboFrozen Castle & Pool Combo

    The Title says Frozen Caste Combo and is the perfect way for children to keep cool on a hot day. Following a Frozen Ice theme this unit comes with a large jumping area, a climbing ladder, and escape slide into a splash pool.

    This Unit Features:

    • Large Jumping Area (Covered)
    • Climbing ladder
    • Slide (Wet or dry)
    • Splash pad
    • Exploration tunnel

    UNIT MEASURES: 32' x 13' x 16'

  • Toxic Waste Water SlideToxic Waste Water Slide

    The Toxic Waste Slide Towers at over 22feet tall of all awesomeness !!!!

    The toxic waste slide even has a warning sign at the bottom of its yellow and black colors with a Skull and Crossbones to indicate the extreme dangerous fun your kiddos will have on this.

    Another super sweet custom unit brought you by our CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

    This unit includes:

    • Climbing Staircase
    • Extra Wide waterslide
    • Splash pool


    33' x 12' x 22'

  • Circus Tent Slide Combo UnitCircus Tent Slide Combo Unit


    This Circus Tent is great for as party for either a boy or girl, or maybe your child has always wanted to run away with the circus.

    This is a combination unit with a large jumping area, A Ladder to climb to the top of a slide. The Top is arched and covered under a big top as shown.

    This unit has tackling dummies and a basketball hoop for varied play. 

    This Unit Features:

    • Large Jumping Area
    • Tackling Dummies
    • Escape Ladder
    • Escape Slide

    UNIT MEASURES: 14' x 16' x 22'


  • Crocodile Rock Island Ultimate adventure With Climbing WallCrocodile Rock Island Ultimate adventure With Climbing Wall


    This Unit ROCKS (Pardon the Puns) This is a great unit with a little bit of everything, slides, obstacle courses, climbing wall & jumper. Themed to a crocodile Jungle theme it is surely to be the hit of your next party.

    The Crocodile Rock features

    • Large Jumping Area
    • Obstacles
    • 16 Foot Slide
    • and a 16 Foot Climbing Wall


    23 Feet Wide x 16 feet deep and x 16 feet tall


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